Original Publish Date: February, 2021
Updated on: 01 March, 2021
Interactive maps created by: Nicolas Palominos (CASA)

This research project was developed by the British Geological Survey, the Architectural Association, the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis and Fluxus. For more information about the project and methodology visit the project website.

The Mexico City metropolitan area presents important challenges for securing water provision across its territory. The Socio-hydrological Vulnerability index describes the interaction and feedbacks between people and water taking into account the Water Stress and the Adaptive Capacity of the different areas in the region.

This map summary matrix showcases the results of the socio-hydrological vulnerability analysis of Mexico City Metropolitan Area, both now (2020) and in the future (2050), based on forecast climate, land-use and population change in 2050. Additionally, Present and Future situations are modelled considering the impact of constructed wetlands.

Each pair of maps shows a comparative visualisation of the corresponding index (columns) according to the topic detailed in column “Map themes” (rows). Click on an image to activate the corresponding pair of interactive maps. On the interactive map, click on legend icon to display legend .

Map themes Socio Hydrological Vulnerability Index SHI Water Stress Index WSI Adaptive Capacity Index ACI
Present (2020) & Present (2020) with constructed wetlands